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FOXY’S 5 with Dominique Piek


Dominique Piek ist ein echtes South African girl: sie ist wunderschön, sehr lustig und bringt alle Leute um sie herum zum Lächeln und Lachen. Ich hab es sehr genossen letzte Woche mit ihr zu arbeiten – Dominique ist bezaubernd und sehr gut in dem was sie tut. Sie weiß wirklich wie man post! Ihr Herz ist glücklich, ihre Haut unfassbar ebenmäßig und ihr Körper – da muss ich nichts mehr dazu sagen. Was für eine starke Frau!

Und so fragte ich den Sports Illustrated Star (seht Euch diesen heißen Bilder an!) ob sie bei FOXYS 5 dabei wäre. Und so starte ich diese Rubrik mit sexy Dominique Piek! Geboren in Kapstadt, momentan wohnhaft in New York, aber auf der ganzen Welt unterwegs.

Dominique auf twitter – sehr unterhaltsam! Manchmal postet sie auch tolle Bildern aus den schönsten Ecken dieser Welt, und sie, im Bikini, mittendrin:


5 Products

  1. My cremes by La Prairie! I have a daily moisturizer, a night cream and an eye cream. The are all fantastic!
  2. Tanning stuff! If you need a quick tan – specially on photo shoots – Fake Bake is legendary! There are two kinds – by Airbrush or applied with those funny purple gloves.
    But there is another great product which I use every day/evening – it makes you tanned gradually – step by step, it’s by Jergens and you get it as a face cream and a body cream.
  3. The Moroccanoil hairoil!
  4. The body lotion by Eucerin – the classic one.
  5. My wet brush. You can use it on wet hair, like under the shower. It is great not to get tangles in my long hair.

FOXY 5 Dominique Piek - Products


5 Questions

  1.  The best beauty tipp you ever got?
    „Always moisturize your face! I am doing it the whole time while flying. I have a friend who is 36 and looks like 20. She told me to moisturize as much as I can. She also started using anti aging cremes in her mid twenties. AND! Never sleep with make up on.“ (We giggled, because every girls knows how hard it is to spend just 5 minutes with cleansing your face after a long champagne night…)
  2. What is the best SPA in the world and where do you get your facials?
    „The best SPA I’ve been to was in Malasia – the Pangkor Laut Resort. It’s perfect! The resort got many awards e.g. in 2006 for the „Best Destination Spa by Condé Nast Traveller“. There are a lot of special packages with all these extra little things – because of that you have to be there before 45 minutes of your treatment. There is also a lovely waterfall and everything is so beautiful and relaxing.
    When I am in NYC I am going once a month to Soho Sanctuary for facilas. It’s a little and quite place.“
  3.  What do you buy in bulk?
    „My fragrance from John Varvatos. It is no longer available so I buying some bottles on amazon.“
  4. If you could choose ONE beauty product to survive – which one is it?
    „Uh! Difficult! But I would choose my daily moisturizer by La Prairie.
  5. „What’s in your bag when you are traveling?
    „On plane I have these things in my bag: my parfume, some band-aids (I’ve got some really funny ones by Urban Oufitters!), my La Prairie face cream, a Concealer, Mascara (I love all by Lancome and the waterproof one by YSL), eye line (you never know…), bubble gum, water, hair elastics and the Strawberry Lip Balm by Rosebud. I also love the Rose Hand Creme by L’occitane. I carry it always in my handbag with me.“


Interview was taken in English.

A big thanks and hello to Renè Russo who took this picture. Fun!

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  1. lieeb Hanna,
    super toll !! I love it !!
    Wir sollten eine Beautyproduktion machen..
    dann hast viele tolle News.. eine Haargeschichte vielleicht..
    dann kommst zu mir nach MUC … eine foxycheeks story …
    Kan scho nimma warten auf unser Treffen in HH++


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